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  Memorial Field Gate Project  
Dean Mook, Town Forge, and the students who worked on this project thank Jefferson County Department of Parks and Recreation for supporting their blacksmithing program for high school students.



  High School students working on a gate project for Memorial Field in Port Townsend.  
Sam Smith and Nate Seward, working together to
fuller in the pipe to make the bamboo joints.
Leo Mook working on the "bamboo".  

Sample of pipe with the bamboo joints at varying stages of completion.
(click the picture for a closeup)

Nate upsetting the heated pipe at the fullered section to finish off the stylized bamboo joint. Sam upsetting the pipe.  
Tri, assistant blacksmith at Town Forge, heats the pipe joints with a torch and at the right time cools the forged joint with water. Nate and Sam still working on the pickets.  


Sam and Nate showing off their finished pickets.    
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